In its origin the surname was written with an S at the end, due to the fact that in America, regardless if it is Mexico, Colombia or Ecuador, the surname changes to a Z at the end. Several speculations could be made: a) That the members of a single family were migratory to these lands, brothers perhaps? b) That they came from another region of Spain, where the surname was lost, for example, in Galicia. It is pointed out that the surname of the Infantry Captain Don Manuel Falquez, originally from Coruña, appears in the "Histoire de Trinidad" with a Z in the end. c) That being prohibited the shipping to these land of "foreigners", which was made through the "Casa de Contratación" (House of Contract) in Sevilla, and being Cataluña a territory recently attached to the reigns of Castilla and Aragón, and the port of Barcelona not being qualified for traveling to America, the change in spelling was pertinent to disguise the origin of the travelers of unauthorized territories. Lets remember that almost all immigrants to America were from Andalucía and the Extremadura.