I will point out now some names that are clearly distinguished in the investigation without having any type of connection with the genealogy attached, that is, the fact of not being able to relate them to this date to the study does not mean that afterwards a connection could be made in some way with the family bond.

Juan Agustín Falques y Rube de Montillon: Captain if the Auxiliary Regime of Santa Fe, born in Algeciras, Spain circa 1753 and died in Guayas, Ecuador. He married Josefa Macias, native of Daule, Guayas, Ecuador. This is the first name that is found referenced in the Nueva Granada. He keeps writing with Salvador Rizo Blanco, whom by the year 1783 figures as Manager and Painter of the botanic Expedition, directed by Jose Celestino Mutis. In the mentioned letters he sends gifts to Mutis, requests several services like asking to be bought a lot of Peruvian bark and recommends a friend. The Botanic expedition had its headquarters in Mariquita, and it seems that the Captain writes from Guadas. The letters were written in the period of time from 1783 through 1788, and is stored in the Archives of the Royal Botanic Garden, Madrid, Spain.

Don Manuel Falquez: Appears as Governor and General Captain of Trinidad island during the period from December 30, 1776 until his death in July 11, 1779, in the capital of Trinidad, Puerto España. He was the infantry captain and he came from the Coruña. He was named by King Charles III, so that besides of the inherent jobs to his charge, he would put to the test the decree of repopulation of the island and encourage commerce and agriculture to the provinces of Guayana, Cumaná and Maracaibo. He is described as a capable manager, besides having knowledge in foreign languages.

Visensa Falques: I mention her name since it is the oldest reference from the data collected. She marries with Antoni Dominy in the town of Amer, Gerona, Spain, on November 4, 1606 in the Santa Maria church. We can infer that Visensa´s father was born in the second half of the XVI century (after 1550) which would point out an old origin of the use of this surname.

Jean François, Louis y Michel Falques: Birth and marriage certificates are found from the year 1708 in Ginebra, Switzerland.

Peré Falques: Well known architect whom through the firm Falqués, Gaudi y Puig i Cadafalch he made in the city of Barcelona important works like the Café Torino, in which the best craftsmen at that time contributed to its decoration and won the "Ayuntamiento" prize for the best commercial establishment in 1902. He was also the designer of the bank´s laterns, which decorated the "Paseo de Gracia" in 1906.