These simple notes about the FALQUEZ surname do not intend to be an exhaustive investigation about the topic, but more like a series of information and data to those that carry this name. About ten years ago and for working circumstances I had access to a genealogy program which was given to me. In my free time I started to "build" a genealogy tree which intended to cover, to the most part, the most recent names of my immediate family; this, with the urge of leaving the legacy of a database about my ancestors to my children. Through time, the challenge started expanding and after adding dates and names that were even more far in time, the worry became more demanding and passionate for the non-stopping search, not only about names and dates but also about the initial origin in Spain and their migration to the Americas. The results of these years of work I leave them written in these brief notes, hoping that the reader, if he/she finds them interesting, may correct, add or improve them, sending to the author the pertinent information to:

Thank you beforehand,
Alberto Falquez Visbal